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In the early 1960's in Sorrento, Italy, a young boy named Salvatore Paturzo took over his family baking business at the young age of 9. While he mastered the family craft, he began to be known as one of the best bakers in all of Sorrento.

It was there in Italy he would meet his wife Rosa, and together they would build a beautiful family here in the US in New Jersey. Sal worked in some of the best bakeries in the northeast, and soon he and Rosa would move to Port Richey, Florida to create what is now known as Sorrento Sweets.

From those humble beginnings, Sal and Rosa have created something beautiful, something authentic, and a little something sweet. So come visit us, sip some espresso, and experience "La Dolce Vita" - The Sweet Life.

Rosa Paturzo

Sal Paturzo

Our Story

The Original Location

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