Aaron Rodgers regrets his Saturday Jets message. 

The Jets quarterback remarked last week on The Pat McAfee Show that he urged the players  ,

to quit criticizing each other when things are going poorly and to instead maintain their composure.

A few days after making those remarks, Rodgers returned to the Jets for the first time since tearing his Achilles, 

and on Saturday night before their game against the Chiefs, he addressed the squad. Even though the message Rodgers conveyed in that context was similar to the one he made public, 

Rodgers wasn't particularly eager for it to leave the team's meeting room.Rodgers said he believes the team needs ,

to do a better job of keeping things behind closed doors during this week's visit with McAfee. 

Regarding some of the things he mentioned, Rodgers stated, "I think it was one of the more disheartening things about the entire weekend. 

"There are some things that are meant for the locker room, and that's part of the process of being a team that connects and sticks together. 

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