Iowa's potential use of Cooper DeJean compared to that of Travis Hunter 

As Iowa struggles offensively this season, Cooper DeJean may be worth a shot. DeJean plays cornerback and special teams 

but's Tom Kakert thinks he might play like Travis Hunter.Hunter plays over 125 snaps per game at cornerback and receiving for the Buffaloes. 

DeJean played over 100 snaps in Week 4 against Penn State, causing Kakert to inquire if he would do so every game.

“He didn’t say no,” Kakert told Andy Staples on On3. “He smiled slightly. He would love to try, but the coaches must put it together. It would be interesting to see him in the Wildcat again. 

Try him at receiver.“In Iowa, where your graduating class is approximately 50 kids in Ida Grove, he was a high school quarterback in 1A football. 

He played the finest defense in state title games. He won the state title with this spectacular offensive game. The man can do anything. I want to see it.”

DeJean, a Battle Creek-Ida Grove High School athlete, could have played either side of the ball in college. He was a four-star recruit and the On3 Industry Ranking's No. 14 athlete in 2021, 

After landing in Iowa City, he largely played defense. Last season, he had five interceptions, including a school-record three returned for touchdowns. On special teams, 

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