Personal Health and Beauty Horoscope 2023 

A new year is coming.New year, new beauty and wellness regimens.In 2023,

we should boost our self-care routine and establish a regimen that helps us evolve with the seasons and speaks to us soulfully.  

Your horoscope can help you find the perfect project to improve your spirit, heart, body, and mind.

Radical self-love and acceptance are 2023's global topic. Thus, finding a beauty practice that improves our consciousness and vitality is crucial.  

Arie In the beginning of the year, hot-headed emotions will fry our hair. Since July 17, everyone will be watching your hair. During Venus retrograde (July 22 to September 3),

Tauru Jupiter enters Taurus on May 10, so take skincare seriously. Avoid dry skin by following the moon cycle. May 5 and October 28 moon eclipses might cause tension. The road to healthy skin is long. 

Gemini If you're not careful, your boss's extra job will raise your tension. Keeping a Himalayan salt lamp at your desk will help you relax during Mercury's moonwalks this year.

Cancer Time to dig deep! Treat yourself to detox and exfoliating facials year-round. Home DIYers should use mild serums. Expect sweet and sad moments during this year's 12 full moons and blue moon.


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